Just Transition Africa

The  Dialogue. The Summit. The Conference.

This is a series of events that provide platforms for multi-stakeholder convergence, community engagement, policy deliberation and expert insight presentation. It aims to contribute to African countries evidence-based framework and policy design to achieve a just transition. Shifting to a low-emissions economy and better energy system as inclusive, fair and ‘just’ as possible while ensuring environmental sustainability and economic growth is our collective responsibility.

It is an initiative of 67CEOs Foundation – as a socio-economic development non-profit company, the organisation believes that a healthy economy and a clean environment can and should co-exist. The process for achieving this vision should be a fair one that should not cost workers or community residents their health, environment, jobs, or economic assets. A just transition ensures environmental sustainability as well as decent work, social inclusion and poverty eradication.

Join us as we call for inclusive, equitable, sustainable economic recoveries and discuss the necessary steps we need to take to address the devastating social and environmental impacts of the climate crisis that still lie before us.

Summit Objectives

  • Activate key stakeholders cooperation and host community engagement.
  • Gather a wider perspective on Just Transition. Advocate for environmental sustainability and economic growth.
  • Convene thought-leaders forging the future direction of just transition.
  • Curate content for Just Transition Africa annual Handbook.
  • Provide exhibition and trading opportunities for SMME in Green Economy within the host province.
  • Provide networking environment for corporate partners.
  • Create awareness and gather allies for a net-zero economy.

Why Just Transition Africa

Just transition aims to ensure that groups with limited resources – workers, their communities and small business, in particular – can take advantage of opportunities brought by the transition to a more sustainable economy. This objective, however can be understood at different levels – from the overall economy to an industry or region – and be achieved through different strategic approaches. The discussion around the desired end state and the nature of policies to get there has often taken the form of a debate around how to define the concept, rather than laying out the nature of the problem and proposals for solutions.

Join us in the journey to ensure that the transition towards a climate-neutral economy happens fairly, leaving no one behind.